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Butterfly on a Wheel trailer online

ButterFlyonaWheel.jpgWe recently heard that the Gerard Butler, Pierce Brosnan and Maria Bello starrer Butterfly on a Wheel was renamed to Shattered, but there's been no other word from the film until now, and the reveal of the trailer, and oh my, it's a good one and I have it right here.

This looks like an excellent thriller, and although there are a few dodgy moments for Gerard Butler's accent, it does a great job of setting up the storyline and giving nothing much away at all. The performances look powerful, and Pierce Brosnan is playing a baddie, what more could you ask for apart from a gorgeous Maria Bello having a strong role too? Well there you go.

The film has Butler and Bello as a couple who have a very successful life and Brosnan playing the baddie that knows everything about them and spends the next twenty four hours holding them at gun point and systematically ripping their lives around them piece by piece. For what purposes we're yet to see.

I'm really hoping that Shattered, or Butterfly on a Wheel, turns out to be a big film, the pre-release buzz certainly hasn't been pointing to that, but the trailer does. Sadly though, there's no UK release date as yet.

Huge thanks to the ever cool st39.6 from Movie-List Forums for the trailer which you can see directly from Lionsgate [FLV] - If you're having trouble playing it then try the player from FLVSoft or head over to the official site.



I posted this trailer last week and was quickly informed that the film would NOT be getting a big screen release. Instead, it played on cable TV (TNT) over the long weekend with a DVD release scheduled for Christmas. Not sure what Lionsgate is thinking basically shelving a good looking film.

I don't know about goodlooking Marina, my sister who saw it on cable said it was not very good at all.

That's a shame, the trailer looked so good as did the talent line-up.

Any indications of why it's so bad?

I stumbled upon this film on TNT and I will have to say it's one of the best films I have seen in a long time. This film will grab you until the very last scene. A must see.


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