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Carnahan scripting another Zodiac

Matthew Michael Carnahan is working on a new script that tells of another San Francisco serial killer, in this case a group of six serial killers who in the 1970's terrorised the city through twenty three separate attacks.

African American men from the Nation of Islam temple began attacking people at random in the city, from shooting someone in the back of the head and leaping into a car for a getaway to grabbing a couple, bundling them into a car, and attacking them with machetes.

What really is interesting about the story is that because of the attacks the Mayor of the city made all African American males carry identification cards called Zebra Cards.

Not only that but in a police force that was predominantly Irish, white and very racist, two African American policemen tracked down the killers and gained the respect of the force, with one of the policemen rising to the rank of Chief of Police.

The story sounds an interesting one, and could well challenge Zodiac if it gets a good Director. With Matthew Michael Carnahan's growing record of great scripts in the hands of equally strong Directors, I think there won't be a problem seeing someone grab this one up.

For the full write up of Carnahan's idea in his own words, just head over to Rope of Silicon.



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