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CGI Navy Seals and Dolphins?!

HarveyWeinstein.jpgThis sounds so rubbish I just had to write about it. The Weinstein company, who have gone against fans wishes and shelved the Grindhouse film in favour of two separate releases, has decided to make a CGI film about the stupidest of ideas. Get a load of this.

Navy Seals will tell of a group of elite U.S. Navy dolphins who are captured by enemy forces, their only hope seems to be a group of seals.

Note that I can't see anything in this to lead me to believe that they are referring to Navy Seals as in elite soldiers, or Dolphins as in some elite group of diving Navy officers. No this looks like it might be all about animals…

Get this though, the Chief Executive of Exodus, who is jointly working on the project with the Weinstein's, through Variety says of the project:

"…inspired by the very real heroics that marine mammals have played in the defense of our country."

Oh yeah, is that like strapping explosives to animals and training them through the promise of reward that they should carry an object on their back from one place to another? Isn't that brave of them? I'm sure I've heard that concept before somewhere.



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