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Cleaner trailer online

SamuelLJackson.jpgThe Cleaner trailer is online, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris, Eva Mendes and Luis Guzmán, and it seems it takes a great idea and turns it into a normal crime thriller, although looking at it it does seem like it's a good crime thriller.

The story has Samuel L. Jackson as an ex-policeman who is now a crime scene cleaner, a man who comes round to clean up your house after there's been a crime, usually involving a murder and a lot of blood. However this time he is paid to clean a house before the crime is even reported to the police, and soon the owner of the house tracks him down wondering where her missing husband is, and pretty soon there's a big conspiracy opening up around them.

One good thing is that Renny Harlin is directing, now put aside your negatives, just think about The Long Kiss Goodnight, there's the chance that he could make something that strong again.

It sounds like it uses the crime scene cleaner opening to get into the usual crime thriller genre, and a nice opening it is, but with the crime scene cleaner being an ex-cop it is hitting normal ground.

However, the trailer does start to spin a stronger story, although I don't know how different it will turn out to be. It could turn into normal fare or something a bit stronger, I'm not sure that the trailer is enough to judge just yet.

You can see the trailer over at CinemaVIP [Flash] through JoBlo.



Bummer...you said "cleaner" and I was thinking Harvey Keitel with Bridget Fonda in Point of No Return. A whole movie about Keitel's character? Very interesting...but I guess this could still be good.

The first time I heard something about this film that's exactly what I thought too and got excited, however it wasn't to be.

Still I think there's some promise here, as long as the cleaner aspect isn't just a lead into the standard thriller, although even then it could be good with the stars involved.


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