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Concentration camp refuse Kidman's film

NicoleKidman.jpgYou know really I'm not surprised that the curators of the Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen have refused the makers of The Reader permission to film there, even though this is a love film, set after the war, starring Nicole Kidman and Ralph Fiennes.

You know, after all it is a Concentration Camp, and one that is kept open as a memorial to the millions of Jewish people murdered in the Holocaust.

Variety has a quote from a spokesman for the curator who says:

“Former concentration camp sites are cemeteries — it's just not appropriate to use them as film sets”

However they do allow documentaries to film there, which I also think is only right. You want the story immortalised and remembered for all time, you don't want it forgotten about.

It seems to me that this story is only popping up after the issues with Valkyrie getting denied permission to film on location in Germany, but this is a totally different case, and no matter who is involved in the project you have to agree with the curators.



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