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Considine in Punisher sequel

PaddyConsidine.jpgThe news that Paddy Considine is in the Punisher sequel, Punisher: War Zone, wasn't that exciting enough to write about for me, until I had a wee think about it and what it might suggest for the sequel.

Paddy Considine has just come off of The Bourne Ultimatum (Filmstalker review) and now he's heading for The Punisher sequel? Doesn't sound like much of a step up to me. Okay, his Bourne role was small, but it was perfectly formed.

Now though he's off to play a villain in the sequel to a film that wasn't that hugely received and is viewed as not that big, or not really that great outside of the fan circle.

So at first I thought that was bad news for him, then I just thought. Lexi Alexander is directing the film, and she gave us the excellent and gritty Green Street (Filmstalker review).

Let's also note that two of the writers, Matt Holloway and Arthur Marcum also have a writing credit of Iron Man against their name.

Could it be that we're actually in for something much bigger and better than expected with the Punisher sequel and that Considine has managed to get in on the act?

The news from the paddyconsidine.co.uk fan site through Cinema Blend suggests this could go either way. It could be bad for both Director and Actor, but then it could actually be a superb move and this turns out to be a great sequel, even bigger and better than the first.

Whatever comes out of this it's clear that you have to recognised how strong an actor Paddy Considine, and if this turns out to be a blip on his career he has to be given more chances for strong leads.

What's my back up for that? Just watch Backwoods (Bosque de sombras) (Filmstalker review) for his superb performance that matches Gary Oldman at his best.



I first saw Considine in Hot Fuzz and he and Rafe Spall really cracked me up. I also thought his brief but effective performance in the last Bourne film was quite good, I doubt that I will watch him in The Punisher sequel though, it's just not my type of film.

Apparently folks the word is that the Punisher isnt going to be a sequel - instead it's going to go along the same lines as the Batman Begins, to completely deny any previous (naff) films.

That's the last I heard of it anyway.

There's no doubt Considine can be a nasty villian (see Dead Mans Shoes and A Room for Romeo Brass) but I dont think a comic book one should be the way to start it if he's attempting to kick off in Hollywood.

I dno, maybe I'm just sick of fehcking comic book films...apart from 'Iron Man'...and 'The Dark Knight'...and '30 Days of Night'...ah fehck it, it's official the likes of Stan Lee now rule the world with an iron fist.


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