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Considine is not in Punisher 2

PaddyConsidine.jpgPaddy Considine is not going to be starring in The Punisher sequel, The Punisher: War Zone, and he seems quite thankful of it. However it's not because he turned it down, it's because the first choice decided to come onboard after the filmmakers offered him a chance. Isn't Hollywood a lovely place to work?

On the Paddy Considine fan site the man himself pops in and out and talks to fans quite a bit it seems, and he's very openly talking about this role and what he thought of it, here's what he had to say.

"The original choice for Jigsaw dropped out, then they offerered it to me. I'm very dubious because the other films looked [rubbish - Richard]. Then whoever is responsible said that their original choice has decided to do it, therefore pulling my offer. The only blessing was that I didn't waste an hour of my life reading the script. That be the way of the film world. And for the record, I thought GREEN STREET was a gigantic mess. Lucky escape…I'm not gutted for not getting the movie. I've got quite a bit to be getting on with."

The comment comes from paddyconsidine.co.uk through Empire. So he's not going to be the villain Jigsaw in The Punisher: War Zone, and it looks like he won't be doing much work for Lexi Alexander in the near future - I actually thought Green Street (Filmstalker review) was okay.

I'm glad he didn't take the role as I'd like to see Considine picking up some bigger and meatier roles, ones it seems that he can start to command a little more coming off the back of his performance in The Bourne Ultimatum. Still, I'd whole heartedly recommend Backwoods (Filmstalker review).



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