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Cuaron's Shock Doctrine clip

AlfonsoCuaron.jpgShock Doctrine (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is a book from Naomi Klein which looks at the concept of economic shock therapy, something I hadn't heard about until reading this story, and she's just received a huge boost from Alfonso Cuarón.

After she wrote to him to try and get a short comment for the cover of the book he decided to go one step further and created a short film based on the idea. Alfonso Cuarón and his son Jonas Cuarón put together a six minute clip that is now showing at the Toronto International Film Festival and is also online.

For those of you not familiar with Milton Friedman's concept of economic shock therapy, it's a way for Governments and corporations to use disasters that shock large amounts of population to accept change that perhaps they normally wouldn't.

The clip demonstrates this very well, and can be seen below.

You can also catch it over at the official site for the book which carries Quicktime versions of the clip, and was found through CHUD.

Believe the theories or not, the clip is rather powerful, although it does feel like it's skating a thin line between wild conspiracy theory and what just could be true.



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