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Damon and Eastwood to join Mandela film?

ClintEastwood.jpgNelson Mandela is to be played on screen by Morgan Freeman, a role we recently saw taken up by Dennis Haysbert was playiing Mandella in Goodbye Bafana, in the film The Human Factor which the news tells us today that Clint Eastwood is in talks to direct and Matt Damon is in talks to play the captain of the Springboks Rugby team.

The film is based on the John Carlin novel The Human Factor: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Changed the World (Amazon.com) and looks to the time just after the fall of apartheid in South Africa when the country was host to the 1995 Rugby World Cup and Nelson Mandella was in his first term as the President of South Africa.

According to Variety Morgan Freeman brought Clint Eastwood to the project after they had worked together a number of times, and I think the re-team would work really well. Eastwood would bring a power and passion to the story that would be perfect for the film's message.

There's no other word on Matt Damon trying for the role of the Springboks captain, but it would make for a strong dramatic role for him as well as bolstering the cast somewhat.

Freeman recently travelled to South Africa to receive Nelson Mandela's blessing for the project, which he received. The South African writer Anthony Peckham wrote the script for The Human Factor.

It certainly marks a powerful career role for Freeman, and no doubt one he is proud to play. It also speaks volumes for Eastwood as a Director that Freeman has brought him to the project.



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