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DANCE:FILM 07 film festival

DanceFilm07.jpgWhen I first read the press details about the Dance Film Festival in Scotland I was wondering just what this could be about and if it could be any good. I mean what films could it possibly include? Well then I got a sudden surprise, especially when the screenings start with the classic Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra musical On the Town and close with the classic Dirty Dancing.

Of course, there are many different ways that dance is represented in film, and the DANCE:FILM 07 festival looks set to celebrate as many as possible.

The film festival is running from Monday 29th October to Sunday 4th November, and it will be a selection of feature and short films from the obvious Hollywood musicals to documentaries, cinematic interpretations of live dance to the Hollywood mainstream and the critically acclaimed. It seems that this festival is going to look at all aspects of dance in film.

You can read more about the festival over at the official DANCE:FILM 07 site, but the most interesting part is that there will even be a screening of two programmes of short films about dance from not just Scotland but around the world, the submissions for which are open now.

They are looking for short films to fit either of the two programmes, one is for short films about dance from beyond Scotland, while the other is solely for short films about dance which are made in Scotland, by a Scottish artist or about a Scottish subject. I'm sure those behind the submission process are already expecting plenty of ceilidh films!

Just make sure that your entry is postmarked no later than Friday 28th of September, and obviously received then too. The festival organisers are accepting films on any playable disc formats, primarily DVD but also VCD, etc, and also through online links. The best news is that there's no application fee.

So get your films into:

FAO Steph Wright
Dance Base
14-16 Grassmarket
United Kingdom

...or simply through email.

The festival is brought together through Dance Base, Scotland’s National Centre for Dance and one of Edinburgh's independent cinemas, the Filmhouse, and the selected entries will be notified by Friday 5th of October.



will there be an 08 fest?

I have no idea Nikki, would you like me to try and find out for you?

ooo cool This style is very good dancer dancing is my life sharing a sports dance dance dance I can not stand to see a great site


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