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Death Proof non-U.S. release uncut

VanessaFerlito.jpgIt didn't strike me as that important when I first read about the various cuts made in the U.S. cinema release of Grindhouse's Death Proof and then saw the non-U.S. cut for myself at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

At the time I didn't appreciate that I seemed to be missing things that were talked about. Then today it has suddenly dawned on me. The Death Proof (Filmstalker review) I saw contains the previously cut lapdance scene from the amazingly stunning Vanessa Ferlito. I didn't see the "missing reel" scene, and there were other subtle differences in dialogue and action.

It was only today when I wondered over to Moviehotties via the excited James at JoBlo where they had just posted the Vanessa Ferlito missing lapdance scene, that I realised I had already seen this. This scene is in its entirety in the version of the film I saw at the EIFF.

Someone else had already commented that the cut they saw in France had the lapdance scene as well.

So not only has the film been separated from Planet Terror and the Grindhouse double feature postponed for DVD, but they've recut the film for the rest of the world, presumably on the back of the comments from U.S. audiences and critics.

If you are in the UK, it would be worth catching Death Proof on its release on the 20th of September, you can read my review here, and for us in the rest of the world, it would be wise to put your stock in reviews for this film outside the U.S., as they will have seen the version of the film that you'll be watching.



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