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DiCaprio and Vinnie Jones team up?

Unbelievably this isn't a joke. Leonardo DiCaprio and Vinnie Jones could well be set to team up in a new film together, Vinnie Jones has really taken a leap forward with this film.

DiCaprio and Jones have been named as starring together in a film called Freedom Within the Heart which is based on the life of the last King of Ireland, Brian Boru, who led his country to fight for freedom against the invading Vikings.

It's a funny sign that the title has one actor's last name for recognition while the other actor needs both, mind you Jones is a very common name, still.

The story from The Belfast Telegraph through Moviehole says that the film is a definite and that Vinnie Jones is on board, but there's nothing concrete on Leonardo DiCaprio being involved as yet.

To me that sounds very much a part of the plan of the village of Tuamgraney to secure the necessary funding from the Irish Film Board to get the film made there, after all that is really the purpose of the story, to get that marketing machine focussed on them and help their bid.

I do hope they get it though, a film about Ireland actually filmed there will be a great thing, and if DiCaprio gets on board then there'll be a load more backing and talent suddenly interested. However it'll be a tough job to get him there I think, that script will have to be damn good. That's where Clint points out that it has actually won some awards for the script, so could it be that it might not just be a marketing rumour after all?

Well interestingly IMDB have the Director listed as Mark Mahon, and his only other film was Strength and Honour which starred such names as Vinnie Jones, Michael Madsen, Richard Chamberlain and Patrick Bergin. I'm thinking this could work.



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