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Eastwood's Rails and Ties trailer in HD

AlisonEastwood.jpgThe trailer for Alison Eastwood's Rails and Ties film has appeared online in HD.

The film stars Kevin Bacon and Marcia Gay Harden in a story about a train collision which builds a strange bond between the train driver and the boy who escapes the crash which kills his mother.

From the looks of the trailer it is well shot and could gather a couple of good performances from Kevin Bacon and Marcia Gay Harden who play the train driver and his wife in an already troubled relationship, as well as the boy himself played by Miles Heizer.

However I can't help but think that Bacon and Harden seem somewhat miscast together, still it is directed by Alison Eastwood and both leads are superb actors, although saying that reviews are apparently mixed at the moment.

You can see the HD trailer directly from Yahoo Movies in 1080p (171Mb), 720p (117Mb) or 480p (47Mb) through editman at Movie-List Forums, see what you think.

I do hope that any bad reviews aren't being made with the Eastwood comparison in mind, after all her Dad is a stunning Director in my eyes. Even if there aren't any direct comparisons, you wonder if she might have been better directing under a ghost name, mind you, how long would that have stayed a secret in Hollywood?



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