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Elizabeth: The Golden Age five minute extended clip online

ElizabethGoldenAge.jpgThere's an extended trailer online for Elizabeth: The Golden Age which clocks in at just under five minutes and contains a fair amount of footage.

Cate Blanchett is looking and sounding superb, and some of the shots look stunning. Great cinematography, superb performances from a range of great actors, and it looks so dramatic it could put just about every other film on the screen to shame.

Believe it or not after that write up I haven't even seen the first Elizabeth film yet, and I feel I have to after this clip of Elizabeth: The Golden Age, it's superb.

What do you think, could there be that infamous 'O' word in there in mention of Cate Blanchett? This could certainly be one of Clive Owen's best performances too.

Just a shame she kills the Scottish Queen, albeit a Scottish Queen with a slightly odd sounding accent...and on that I shall say no more.

You can see the extended five minute trailer over at The Telegraph [RP:M], however they have it in RealPlayer and only the medium sized clip. With a bit of jiggery pokery I've discovered the link for the large sized Quicktime trailer [QT:L], remember you can't find that anywhere else as far as I know, enjoy.



Caught this one at TIFF this year, and other than a typically great performance from Cate Blanchette and a middle-of-the-road one from Clive Owen, the film stinks compared to the first one. It is a muddled mess and the music is nearly always set to 11, drowning out any potential subtlties. Rush and Ifans are wasted. Big disappointment really.

I had goosebumps just watching the extended trailer version when I caught it before Atonement the other night, I don't think I'll survive after watching a 5 minute clip!

I know where I'll be come November 2!


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