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Filmstalker's Week: 17th to 23rd September 2007

Newspapers.jpgHere are the best stories of the week from Filmstalker, and there are some interesting snippets to be had.

They are all presented with quick bullet point blurbs so you can instantly see what the story is about and catch up on the week that just passed.

Are there any big stories that I've missed?

Filmstalker is now on your mobile device. It's small, portable, easy to read, and if you want to come through to the main site it's easy to do there too. There'll be new features coming soon too.

Has a big twist been given away for Resident Evil: Extinction during the red carpet event?

The trailer for the new, recut Southland Tales has finally been released and it looks, well, interesting.

The Brazilian film Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad) is premiered at the Rio Film Festival despite the police trying to stop it from being shown.

Could Billy Connolly be starring in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, or is it just another well positioned rumour?

Tom Hanks is producing a film about the Nazi double agent Eddie Chapman as well as a mini-series that looks at the Warren Commission version of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, i.e. he was killed by the lone gunman of Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Rock blames Matt Damon for poor action scripts and the lack of action in his career.

Brett Ratner is going to direct a film about Frank Sinatra's life seen through the eyes of his long term valet, and Chris Tucker is starring as the valet. Yeah, that's what I thought.

Anna Faris is trying to get a biographical film of Linda Boreman, aka Linda Lovelace of Deep Throat fame. Yes she's going to play the alleged true story of the famous porn star.

Paramount are talking about dropping Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg defends him and suggests Paramount are fooling themselves.

Nazi's seem to be in just now in Hollywood, Kevin Macdonald's latest documentary is set to look at the story of Klaus Barbie and how the west and the church helped him escape prosecution for the execution of Jews during the War.

Fright Night is being remade?!

Matthew McConaughey replaces Owen Wilson on Tropic Thunder.

More remake news as rumours suggest that the Friday the 13th is going ahead before the strikes.

The Brothers remake gets Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal, so it's looking very positive.

Zodiac is filled with CGI did you notice? This video shows some of the scenes.

Darren Aronofsky is offering a free audio commentary to download for The Fountain, since Warner Brothers didn't want it for the DVD release.



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