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Fright Night to be remade?!

FrightNight.jpgFright Night was a superb film, and it seems most people have their favourite quote from it - I've just visited the two sources for the story and each carries their own, well I'm adding mine because I love (and still say):

"You're so cool Brewster"

The word is that they're going to remake the film, and this might not be a straight remake, it might be a total rework of the idea.

The original Fright Night was superb. A teenager finds out that across the road a vampire has moved in and his and he tries to persuade his favourite TV star, a faded has been who hosts a late night monster series and touts himself as a monster killer, to help him destroy the creature.

Now Fright Night isn't a straight up horror or comedy, and if I was to say it was a horror-comedy you'd be wrong to start thinking in the realms of Scary Movie. Rather than the comedy being a spoof or taking the mickey out of itself, the comedy is in character and in film, and it ends up being rather smart and tons of fun.

What I loved best about it was the baddie played by Chris Sarandon, he was superb and had some fantastic moments to play. William Ragsdale played the teenager, Stephen Geoffreys his friend, Amanda Bearse his almost girlfriend and the great Roddy McDowall was the monster hunter.

Honestly if you haven't seen it yet then get it on your rental queue and watch it. Sure it's dated, but there's a lot of fun and some cool moments to be had.

However the word is light on the remake, but according to ShockTillYouDrop through Moviehole it is getting made. Screen Gems are behind it, they're currently doing Prom Night and remade When a Stranger Calls.

The only other word is that it'll be a remake in name only, which makes me think it isn't a remake at all. However we're sure to find out that in some way it is, and if it is they have to retain the way they did that humour and still keep everyone believing in their roles, it isn't a Scary Movie.



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