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Gatchaman plot

BattleofthePlanets.jpgA little more of the plot has been given out on the upcoming Gatchaman CGI film adapted from the popular television cartoon series which you might also know as Battle of the Planets or G-Force.

While talking about the casting of Gabriel Casseus who appeared in Black Hawk Down, we hear a little about his character and that the heroes of G-Force will be chased from both sides.

According to Variety through Coming Soon, Gabriel Casseus will play an NSA agent who is tracking down the genetically engineered animal fighters, and at the same time they are trying to protect the world from an evil billionaire who is trying to take it over.

The CGI film has been in development for a while and you can see some of the shots of the film over at Imagi who are behind this film as well as Astroboy, Highlander and the recent TMNT film.



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