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Gellar's Addicted now Possession trailer online

SarahMichelleGellar.jpgSarah Michelle Gellar was set to star in a remake of the Korean horror Jungdok called Addicted, well there's not much been heard of it until now we see an extended trailer and word that it's had a name change from Addicted to Possession.

The film is about a woman whose husband is in a car crash along with his darker and very unnerving brother. During the crash something happens to them both and after a long coma they awake, both thinking that they are the other person. So who really is who, and when Gellar's character decides, does she make the wrong choice?

The trailer really could do with being cut down a bit, but it does give you the idea of the story for Possession and where it's going to go without revealing too much about the twists and turns.

You can see it over at TerrorFeed [Flash] through HorrorMovies.ca. I hope Sarah Michelle Gellar is going to give up on the foreign horror remakes now. She did a good job in Grudge and we saw that she had talent outside Buffy, but there's a fair degree of typecasting going on now.

Wait though, before we all dismiss this film, let's take a look at something. The Directors are Joel Bergvall and Simon Sandquist who also directed Den Osynlige, which is the original film based on the novel which was remade by David S. Goyer as The Invisible. Could this hold some more promise? Could it be put down to a poor trailer?



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