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Gere unhappy with The Hunting Party

RichardGere.jpgApparently Richard Gere is unhappy with the ending of his new film The Hunting Party, or rather he debated the ending with the Director Richard Shepard quite a bit on set.

Currently, without any spoilers for anyone, the ending is quite violent and doesn't sit well with the message that Richard Gere would have liked to have seen in the film. However Richard Shepard saw something different and wanted to stay with this side of the story.

According to WENN through Starpulse News Blog:

The actor admits he "debated" the subject "endlessly" with his director, telling him, "It's not an appropriate message. It's cheap."

The L.A. Times also has Shepard saying that:

"His political beliefs didn't coalesce with what I was trying to say, but I think that's OK."

My thoughts? Well he's the Director, ultimately he's in charge. Until it gets to the Editor and then the Studio, and then the censors/classification boards, but still...

Frankly though I don't see the professional and Hollywood wise Gere getting that upset about a film after it's been released. I can see him perhaps saying he's not entirely happy with the ending, but he'd still promote it.

Whatever happened I think that the ending of The Hunting Party sounds right for the story and what has happened in such war torn areas where ethnic cleansing and whatever degrees of genocide have occurred. Making a more positive ending on it might have portrayed a feeling of false hope and closure for people. I guess we'll have to see the film and hear the stories behind the events to really know.



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