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Hancock set photo reveals plot twist

CharlizeTheron-Hancock.jpgHancock is the film from Peter Berg that sees Will Smith as a Superhero struggling with alcoholism and trying to court the married woman of Charlize Theron, all the while a PR Consultant has been hired to revamp his image.

Sounds interesting, and then the killer shot I just saw online could just reveal something major about the film's plot, and one of the major characters, well it probably does. I'm not sure if this is as big a twist as it could turn out to be, but it certainly looks that way.

You can see the photo in question over at Superhero Hype, and it shows a growing rise in the set captured still that presents spoilers for films that are still shooting.

One could question whether the rise is in the production of these stills or the demand for them, I'm not sure if there are more people after them, or just more people who are finding they can get hold of them and make a name for themselves on the Internet. Either way it is taking a lot of the mystique out of filmmaking and spoiling a lot more films.

Is the growing trend in set photos and behind the scenes captured video something you enjoy or want more of, or do you avoid it desperately?



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