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Hollywood rapes Paddington Bear

PaddingtonBear.jpgIt's a never ending conveyor belt, Hollywood finds a genre and sucks it dry. Next up for the television series remake is Paddington Bear, yes that kids show that I grew up with is going to be a film.

The first thing that springs to mind, after what the hell are they doing remaking another kids classic, is how can they? There was a distinct style to Paddington Bear that just couldn't work on screen, it wasn't animation as such and the style was over half the attraction of the show.

I remember there were two very clear things about Paddington Bear, one was the way it was drawn, it looked hand drawn and the frame rate was really slow, it was a charming style that really kept it feeling more than just a show, the same feeling you got with Winnie the Pooh. The stop motion bear against the drawn backgrounds was fantastic. Of course now that's updated and it's straight animation.

The other wonderful thing about the series was the humour and insight of Paddington, the most wonderful voice and excellent scripting gave him such a great personality. The news from Variety tells us that the plan is to keep that comedy style, and that's from the Producer David Heyman's lips.

However the big surprise of the story is the fact that the script is being written by Hamish McColl, the man who wrote Mr. Bean's Holiday (that's the first down point) and it's going to be a live action film (that's the second down point).

Wait a minute, live action? At least the bear is likely to be CGI, but even then it's just lost a whole heap of its original charm. Mind you, most of that was lost when it went to a full animated series.

I just don't see this working at all, and another childhood love is shattered.



Oh dear! My sister is going to cry when I relay this news to her.

Actually, I caught them talking briefly about Paddington Bear on my local radio station today..... something about him now eating Marmite instead of marmalade!!!! Maybe this was in reference to the proposed film.

Hopefully not!

Oh I heard something like that on Radio 1 as I was in the shower (don't linger on that thought!).

I think it might well have been connected. Were they eating marmite and bacon at one point?

What a tragedy!


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