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Hudson in Sex and the City

SexandtheCity.jpgJennifer Hudson could be joining the Sex and the City film, and I'll say it up front right now, she's not replacing any character, she's in negotiations to play the assistant to Carrie Bradshaw, the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Okay, I wrote that without referring to the source article. Does that mean I'm a Sex and the City fan? I guess it just might.

I think this is probably the second biggest issue the film is going to have, next to coming up with an original plot that does not involve Carrie and Mr Big breaking up for the entire film only to get back together at the end, and that's casting new characters.

They're going to have to be very careful as adding new faces to a well established formula is going to be really difficult to pull off and might run the risk of existing fans being slightly put out by the new character edging into their much loved group of friends.

We do know that all the stars are back for the line up, and that Michael Patrick King, a long time producer and creative force behind the series, is writing and directing. We also know that the series will return to the characters some four years after the end of the series, so there is a chance that Mr Big has goofed around and been found out. Perhaps we will see the easy plot option, I hope not though.

What do you think of new characters joining the much loved group of friends? Is it going to work? Is the news from Variety that Jennifer Hudson is joining a good, indifferent or bad thing?



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