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Huge Star Trek plot rumours

StarTrek_Poster.jpgThere's more rumour about J.J. Abrams Star Trek coming out, and some of it, if true, confirms the previous rumours about the time travelling Spock and Romulans. One thing for sure is that the story is going to be epic.

There's also another casting rumour, the rumours for which are picking up pace again, and this one is for Karl Urban.

According to the rumour, Karl Urban will be playing the head Romulan who gets the plan together to head back in time and go head to head with the young Star Trek crew.

The plot though is the most interesting part. IESB carry the rumour of the plot reveal found through Rope of Silicon, and it sounds like a biggie, although didn't the Borg already try this one?

It appears that the Romulans, with Karl Urban upfront, have got it into their head to follow the Borg's previous, or future actions, and head back in time to not only destroy Captain James T. Kirk, but also to destroy the whole of the Earth.

The idea seems to be that if they do this then they might be able to stop the Federation from being created.

Well somehow old Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy, finds out about this and decides to head back in time and team up with the young Spock, being played by the Heroes baddie Zachary Quinto, in order to try and defeat them and save the future.

If you don't get that, let me spell it out, the two Spock's are the main characters in the film, perhaps why there is no older Kirk in the film, he's been killed in the future with the destruction of Earth, or perhaps Spock just outlived him.

I have to say I'm not that enthralled by the plot idea, it does just make me think of the Borg returning in time in Star Trek: First Contact, and I always find that time travel stories can often be so lazy and just a plot device to change a mistake in continuity of story.

However, I have to keep an open mind for two reasons, these are rumours, and it is J.J. Abrams.



technically, Kirk would have been trapped in the nexus from the opening of "generations" and on until the Next Generation's first movies. So there are at least 70 years worth of history where Spok and the rest would naturally assume Kirk to be dead.

lord. help me. i'm a trekkie.

I don't buy the time travel thing, Richard. I'll eat my words if i'm wrong, but it doesnt' seem to fit with what we've been hearing about this Trek movie being a redefining excercise. It does seem rehashed. And unless I missed something, J.J. isn't an idiot.

there are alot of rumors flying about, from casting of stars to which ships will be involved in which plot. I'll tell you what, man, i don't know what to believe about this any more.

maybe that's a good thing, eh?

Yeah, part of me keeps niggling that this is all a big misdirection, after all in my eyes most of the time travel stories have been awful.

Maybe it is all a lie and the real story is going to be much better, but everything points to the rumours so far.

If this rumour proves to have substance, then Abrams' "re-imagining" seems more like "re-hashing". The time travel thing has been done to death in Star Trek. I swore when I first heard of this project that if time travel was involved I wouldn't waste my time or money on it.

Of course Abrams must be aware of this. In order to re-imagine a series, one first has to WATCH the series.


Surely - I do find it very hard to believe that he's not latched onto the failings of the series.


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