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Indiana Jones IV title and plot details

IndianaJonesIV.jpgShia LeBeouf gave the new title for the Indiana Jones film away at the MTV Video Music Awards the other night, and it's a long winded one at that:

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

That's the title for Indiana Jones IV then. Not back to the Ark, well as the main thread anyway, no this one is looking right back to the beginning.

However there's also a rumour out there about the plot and how the skulls tie into the story, and it's a bit of an odd one. Beware, the following could contain big spoilers.

According to the rumour from an unreferenced source over at IESB the crystal skulls are hidden beneath a Mayan or Aztec temple which actually takes off. The pyramid is actually a spaceship.

Mmm...written down that sounds terribly poor, and I just can't visualise that pulled into an Indiana Jones film, sounds more like Indiana Jones and the encounters of a third kind.

Still, the first two films had heavy spiritual stories tied into them and the main thread of Indy and the characters didn't get hurt at all. Maybe this will work the same way.



I remember when Ram wrote a topic on this before and he made us choose from the list, I am sure this was the one I chose.


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