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Iron Man teaser teaser online

IronMan.jpgThe teaser for the teaser for Iron Man is out, and I'm surprised it's carrying so much footage, otherwise this would be a total non-story.

As it is there's plenty to gleam from the pre-teaser clip including a couple of shots of Iron Man in both sets of armour. Nice.

I'd say it's well worth getting over to see, and you can do just that over at IESB [Flash].

It's strange, I don't really know why I'm getting so excited by this project, especially when I've no real affinity with Iron Man comics or previous stories, personally there are tons of other superhero stories I'd rather see, so it all has to be down to the talent involved and the footage we've seen, all of which are enticing me in.

Could Iron Man be the next big superhero to Batman and Superman?



You and me both!

I just saw the trailer and WOW. I'm impressed.


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