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Iron Man trailer in HD

IronMan.jpgThe trailer for Iron Man has been let out early for good behaviour, and while it isn't as impactful as the teaser that I wrote about before, it is looking superb.

I think what this trailer does is build more of the story and introduce us to more of the human element while still keeping some of those amazing "oh lord, it's Iron Man" moments, and it does both superbly. The previous teaser simply piled on those Iron Man moments scene after scene. What this trailer is doing is telling us that there's a strong story here and it isn't all flying superhero stuff.

I love it and Robert Downey Jr. looks superb in the role. Oh, and of course the effects look fantastic. I think Jon Favreau may have just created one of the best superhero films that there's been. Okay, I am getting ahead of myself, but why don't you see for yourself.

The trailer is over at Apple Trailers [QT:S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p:iPhone] through Screenrant.

Well what do you think? Could this be a Batman and Superman killer? I'm getting all excited about this film as though I were a huge Iron Man fan, and I'm seriously not, well not until Favreau started showing his film off.



My jaw just dropped and I couldnt put it back, will someone help me please? :D

This trailer is AWESOME!

good to see a superhero movie that's obviously aimed at the correct target audience.

very very witty. i felt sorry for the insurgents he was wailing on.


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