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Jackie Chan looks for successor

JackieChan.jpgJackie Chan is running a reality show to find his own replacement, someone who he could train and empower with all his knowledge to go on to make new films, presumably another series of Rush Hour or something.

Jackie Chan's Disciples is a Chinese series where people can audition to be part of the reality series and work hard each week to become Jackie Chan's Disciple, and although it's a Chinese show it was opened to American contestants for a single round of auditions.

In June a few American contestants tried out for the series in front of a live audience in California and four finalists were selected to compete in the show along with the thousands of Asian entrants. Phil Sahagun, Julia Ling, Sarah Shan, and Xin Sarith Wuku will compete in the show for a chance to be Chan's replacement in the movie industry.

According to Kung Fu Cinema Jackie Chan said at the opening ceremony of the show:

“A lot of actors are good at fighting, but (their style) is not beautiful...If you can incorporate dance with an ability to perform kung fu, that would be better.”

It all sounds a great idea, but I do wonder how the show is being marketed. One would hope on his earlier career and not the Hollywood one. After all, there would be an entirely different kind of applicant for that kind of series, and it wouldn't be the young Jackie Chan we know.

Here's a clip for the official opening of The Disciple and a musical montage of some of the American audition. Just have a look at the related clips under this video and you'll see quite a few videos of people auditioning for the show. I wonder if Simon Cowell is on the panel?



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