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Jackson and Mac as soul singers

SamuelLJackson.jpgSamuel L. Jackson continues a great career of diversity with the film Soul Men, starring alongside Bernie Mac as two backup soul singers for a very famous group. Neither have spoken for some twenty years but they agree to get together for a tribute performance in honour of their lead singer who has passed away.

Yes, this means that both Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac will be singing and dancing on screen.

The news from Variety tells us that Jackson has actually signed the deal while Mac is still in negotiations for the role. There's no Director attached as yet.

You have to admire Jackson for the roles he continually turns to. Of course there has definitely been a string of similar roles since that iconic Pulp Fiction character came to our screens, but he's definitely broken that up with some superb character parts that really do take him in very different directions.



this sounds interesting. jackson was great singin the blues in black snake moan.


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