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Jan de Bont's Stopping Power restarted

JandeBont.jpgOkay, I'm confused. Not long ago we heard that Jan de Bont's thriller Stopping Power starring John Cusack was cancelled, and now we're hearing that it has started up again.

Previously the problem with Jan de Bont's film was that a major financier had pulled out of the production and left them with a bit of a stop gap, well today's story tells us that a company has been found to fill the gap and Internationalmedia has teamed up with R Media Acquisitions LLC to get the project going again.

According to Variety R Media is taking over the film's production company IM Stopping Power and cancelling the notice of insolvency.

There's no other word on what's happening with the rest of the film and if John Cusack, Jason Isaacs and Melissa George will still be on board.

The film is about a test pilot stationed in Berlin who is on vacation with his daughter and girlfriend when their car is hijacked with the daughter inside. He races through a series of high speed chases to catch his hijacked vehicle and rescue his daughter. Cusack was to be the pilot, George his girlfriend and Isaacs the daughter...no just kidding, he'd be the bad guy.

There are so many Stopping Power restarting jokes to be made, however I'll refrain.



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