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Karate Kid remake?

TheKarateKid.jpgHollywood's desire to remake everything is incredible, and the rumour that they could be eyeing a Karate Kid remake sounds bizarre but not unbelievable with today's money making studios.

After all the film is looking a bit dated, and the original actors have all moved on enough from these roles, so why not have another one? Introduce some new hipper stars and scenarios, maybe make it a little more gritty, oh boy, I'm talking myself into this one already!

The rumour is from one of those pesky sources, although this one seems to carry a little more weight with it than most.

A source told IGN that Sony Pictures is working on a remake of The Karate Kid which will be produced by the Will Smith production company and Jerry Weintraub. Weintraub just happened to produce the original film.

The Karate Kid is twenty-three years old, it was made in 1984 and starred Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio as Karate teacher and pupil respectively. Obviously the teacher is a master who is living a quiet life in the U.S., and the pupil is a headstrong and young man who is impatient and eager to learn, and for that matter to show off. It sparked a number of sequels and made a fair impact at the time.

Apparently, and this gives us some hope that the film might be in production for a good few years, Will Smith's son is being looked to for the remake, and if that means the lead then we could be here a little while, after all Jaden Christopher Syre Smith is only nine right now.

There's no word back from anyone as yet, so it's a big rumour, but a good one. A new young, black and modernised Karate Kid facing all today's pressures, not the lighter ones of the eighties. If this was made realistically then we could be seeing something a bit darker and harder.

You know what, I'm actually liking this idea.



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