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Film Two Stars

Reading the plot and seeing the opening of Komma I was tremendously excited, it really does capture you and instantly drag you into a strong thriller. The opening is superbly handled with the slow reveal of a man waking up in a strange and sterile room, which shows some subtle and well framed close-up shots.

The camera begins framed on the nose and mouth of the main character who seems to be underneath white sheets of what may be a bed, his nose is slightly bloody, and that's the first sign of something being amiss. As the camera pulls out shot by shot another clue is revealed, and another.

This style makes you feel that this is going to be a powerful thriller. Then, late on in this reveal, the shot just opens right up to a wide shot of the room, and the moment is lost.

Komma.jpgThat final reveal just doesn't seem right, it's almost as if they cut out a few more shot reveals before the final moment that shows you what this man's situation is.

From here the film loses track of that powerful opening, and indeed it never refers back to it or offers any explanation, it doesn't even attempt to keep that pace or cinematic strength. Instead it becomes a slow rambling tale which seems to have no point.

We see the lead character assume someone else's identity and head on with a sorry state of existence, living in a hotel room and doing nothing much but eating, drinking and smoking.

Then a new character appears and the film seems to leap into a different area. It then becomes even more confusing and reveals even less. Later in the film though, you can guess what is happening in this woman's life, but the mystery of it is held too long and the reveals are left for that opening sequence alone.

There's absolutely no connection with the characters, perhaps because so much was kept in the dark, but despite seeing the desperation of the woman's life, I couldn't even find a shred of empathy or sympathy with her, I just didn't care.

The two characters meet and both seem to lie to each other for reasons that are never even touched on, and it crawls towards a conclusion that I wish had come so much sooner.

Although the film does boast some very good cinematography and a strong soundtrack, it is far too slow and there's nothing to connect with from either of the main characters or the story itself. It never returns to the strength of that opening though, and that's a real shame.

Filmstalker Edinburgh International Film Festival 2007
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