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La Scorta gets remade by Asger Leth

Lascorta.jpgFor those of you who didn't know, myself included, Asger Leth is the Dane who Directed Ghosts of Cite Soleil which you may well have heard of, and he's set to remake the 1993 Italian thriller La Scorta.

Peter Craig has been assigned to adapt the story and produce the screenplay, and with Asger Leth directing it could be an interesting film to watch.

The original La Scorta tells the story of four policeman who are assigned to guard a prosecutor who is trying to bring down the mob bosses. He's the second one to attempt this since his predecessor was murdered in an explosion which pointed to the very people he's trying to bring to justice. The four policemen are struggling with their own beliefs and with their job, especially as they see the prosecutor hampered at every opportunity by other officials.

The story from Variety sounds interesting and could provide the film-makers with a lot of scope. They can have the leeway for gunplay and violence, and they have the attractive law angle which is in most police dramas on television just now, as well as providing the opportunity for a strong psychological thriller as well.



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