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Law plays Hamlet while McGregor plays Othello

JudeLaw.jpgIt seems that more Hollywood stars are taking to the stage, and some with the most unlikeliest of roles. Jude Law has signed up to play Hamlet under the direction of the great Kenneth Branagh, who has just finished directing him in Sleuth.

This follows Ewan McGregor taking to the stage to play Iago in Othello, and the news that David Tennant, currently playing Doctor Who, will also play Hamlet in another stage production.

According to the BBC John Lithgow is also joining a stage production of Twelfth Night, another of which sees Derek Jacobi on stage.

It seems that the big stars are returning, or turning, to the stage en mass. I wonder if this is to satisfy their own needs to act in the purest form or something else entirely. One thing is certain, Jude Law will have to push himself some to play one of the greatest stage roles there is, even with the superb Kenneth Branagh directing him.



Why we're theater stalking now too? ;)

I am just waiting for the public sales of the Donmar's Othello production on 15th Oct!

And fingers crossed that I can still get tix for Ian McKellen's portrayal of the RSC's production of King Lear and Anton Chekov's The Seagull.

Oh how could I forget Ian McKellan? However I'm not a fan of Chekov...he's the one that drove the ship in...just kidding!

I'd love to see Othello and Hamlet...I'll have to wait and see what second rate actors end up playing it in Edinburgh though.

I did manage to get tickets for both King Learand The Seagull!


Tried and tried to book tickets for Donmar's production of Othello which went on public sale today only to be told on the phone that tickets for ALL the performances have been sold out!



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