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Liman reveals Jumper most ambitious project

DougLiman.jpgDoug Liman has been talking about his latest film Jumper and has revealed that this is his most ambitious project to date.

He's also discovered a little about himself and his own style of film, saying that a Doug Liman film has no baddie, an interesting morsel to consider for Jumper.

Jumper stars Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson, Diane Lane, Jamie Bell and Rachel Bilson in the David S. Goyer adaptation of the Steven Gould novel of the same name. It's the story about a boy who discovers that he has the ability to teleport himself, and how another boy with the same power teaches him to control it as he goes on the hunt for the person who killed his mother. Meanwhile the NSA are hunting him down to use his power for their purposes.

The story sounds a very strong one, and I have this waiting on my to read list, however it looks as though it will be in the cinema before I get round to it!

Doug Liman, the Director who brought us Swingers, The Bourne Identity and Mr and Mrs Smith is directing this film, and over on Empire he has a few words about it and his career.

"I've figured out what a Doug Liman movie is. A Doug Liman movie is one where there is no villain...Everyone has their different viewpoints, so who says that the person you're following has to be the hero. I think it's much more interesting to have the grey areas"

There are always rumours of trouble on film sets, and the story suggests that there are particular ones on a Doug Liman film, something that he himself confirms, yet the trouble seems to be with the right people as Liman fights for his own ideas in his films.

"I remember an argument that I had with the head of Universal [when making The Bourne Identity] and she said, 'This isn't your film school. You don't get to run around and try ideas out. This isn't your film school'. She was wrong. That's the way you get something original. You don't want to fall back on something someone else has done. Then you're a hack"

Well said Mr Liman. I have to say that I really enjoyed Mr and Mrs Smith, and so I am looking forward to Jumper with Liman at the helm, a Goyer script, and some of the talent listed above.



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