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Lions for Lambs trailer in multiple formats

RobertRedford.jpgI've just received links to the Lions for Lambs trailer in multiple sizes and formats and I thought I'd share them.

Lions for Lambs is the film written by Matthew Michael Carnahan and directed by Robert Redford who also stars alonside Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep, Peter Berg, Michael Peña and Derek Luke, to name but a few.

The story tells of a University Professor who inspires two students to do something with their lives, and with this new found passion they head to Afghanistan to fight in the war. Their story binds two stories together, that of the Professor trying to reach a new and uninterested student, and a Senator giving a TV journalist an inside story that could change the fate of the student soldiers.

Quicktime: High, Medium and Low
Realplayer: High, Medium and Low
Windows Media Player: High, Medium and Low



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