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Liotta and Garcia in drug cartel

AndyGarcia.jpgRay Liotta and Esai Morales have signed to La Linea, a crime film which is based on the story of the infamous Arellano Felix drug cartel.

Andy Garcia is also in talks to play the role of an ill Kingpin of a Tijuana drug cartel whose violent lieutenant, played by Morales, takes over his operation and becomes somewhat of a liability. Liotta will play the assassin hired to kill him.

Reuters through Yahoo News tells us that James Cotton has been hired to direct the film and that Andy Garcia is in early talks for the role, which means it could be a long time before confirmation.

You can read more about Arellano Felix over at Wikipedia, by all accounts he was an incredibly violent and dangerous man.

I'm a huge fan of Garcia, and with Ray Liotta and Esai Morales on board it sounds like a powerful film, particularly considering the subject matter.



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