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Lou Ferrigno in Incredible Hulk

LouFerrigno.jpgCameo's are cool. That's official, and you would more than expect that The Incredible Hulk would have to feature Lou Ferrigno, and you'd be right.

Lou Ferrigno was the original Hulk in the television series, covered in green paint and with green contacts in, but that was all he needed because he was, and is, huge.

The good news from Variety through Superhero Hype and Moviehole is that Ferrigno will be reprising his Hulk cameos in the latest Hulk outing, and although it doesn't really make the film any better, it does just add to the whole build up of this version, good it be good?

Written by and starring Edward Norton as Bruce Banner aka the Hulk himself, directed by Louis Leterrier, The Incredible Hulk also stars such names as Tim Roth, William Hurt and Liv Tyler. Now that all sounds like it could just be a superb film…but with past Hulk outings you're probably sitting there with plenty of doubt in your mind, I know I am.



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