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Macdonald tackles Nazi's

KlausBarbie.jpgI haven't seen Kevin Macdonald's previous films, but now that I've seen The Last King of Scotland (Filmstalker review) I'm more than keen to catch up.

His latest documentary seems to follow similar ground to his first, One Day in September, which was about the events of the 1972 Munich Olympics terrorist attack. My Enemy's Enemy is a film about how, specifically the west, has had some incredible double standards when it comes to Nazi War criminals.

Now I'm not up to speed on the history of post-war Nazism but the story from Reuters through Yahoo News tells us that it primarily looks at Klaus Barbie, who was held accountable for the murder of the French Resistance leader Jean Moulin and the deaths of forty four Jewish children.

Despite this the U.S. used him and his tactics to hunt down communists during the Cold War, and once his usefulness was over he "disappeared", with the help of the Catholic Church, to Bolivia and eventually became a powerful businessman and began building a Fourth Reich in the Andes.

According the story the film relies a little too much on archival footage which can be a bit dry at times, but it does present a very compelling and thought provoking case.

I've never seen One Day in September but I definitely intend to, and My Enemy's Enemy sounds like it deserves to be seen too, especially with the comparisons it could raise with other more modern conflicts such as Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.



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