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McKidd says he could be Thor

KevinMcKidd.jpgKevin McKidd, like so many other actors, knew nothing about him being considered for the role of Thor on the big screen, but while he knew nothing his agents knew everything. A typical scene for an actor.

While we were all talking about the possibility of Kevin McKidd becoming the viking superhero Thor for his first screen outing, he was unaware:

“It's semi-true. I actually didn't know anything about it until I heard the rumors and called my agent and he said, 'Yeah, we're talking to them.'”

That's the quote from UK IGN who also reveal that McKidd may also have some disappointing news. Apparently they are looking more for someone around the nineteen to twenty year old mark. We should have guessed, an actor at the age for a franchise.

However the article goes onto reveal that Kevin McKidd is actually in talks for another film role, not that of Thor, something in the realm of science fiction, and something we'll have to wait for word on.

Thor will pass to someone younger it seems, and with Matthew Vaughn at the helm, I think we're in for something rather interesting.

So next time you read a denial from an actor, bear in mind that his agents could be the ones doing the talking and the dealing, and he may really be the last to know.



Love it, love it! Look at those eyes! ;)


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