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Mirren, McAdams and Wright Penn join State of Play

RobinWrightPenn.jpgHelen Mirren, Rachel McAdams and Robin Wright Penn are all joining State of Play, the American film version of the British television political thriller mini-series.

The film already stars Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Jason Bateman, and is set to be directed by the British Director, Kevin Macdonald – see The Last King of Scotland (Filmstalker review) - and adapted by Matthew Michael Carnahan from the Tony Gilroy script.

Wow, just reeling off that list is making me excited already, I mean the list of talent is making me excited to see the film, not the list of sexy ladies is...anyway, move on.

So to recap, Pitt plays the ex-campaign manager turned newspaper reporter investigating the story of his friend, played by Norton, the Congressman whose girlfriend has died in rather strange circumstances. Bateman plays another journalist.

Now according to Variety, Rachel McAdams is taking up another journalist role investigating the death, Helen Mirren will play the newspaper's editor, and the talented and gorgeous (as all three are) Robin Wright Penn will play the estranged wife of the congressman who becomes romantically involved with Pitt's journalist.

You know I was just thinking about Wright Penn and her career and I suddenly thought about her husband – think what you want about Sean Penn, but he's a stunning actor and he's married to Robin Wright Penn. I rest my case.

Back to the matter in hand, the talent throughout this film version of State of Play looks amazing on paper. I think they could pull this one off and make it even better than the original British series, and part of me is hoping they will.



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