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Natalie Portman naked online

NataliePortman.jpgI never realised what the fuss was all about on Wes Anderson's short film Hotel Chevalier which is a kind of prequel to the upcoming film The Darjeeling Limited, until I caught the fact that Natalie Portman is to appear naked in it. Well as naked as her modesty would allow.

I can see that this is what is going to drive people to see the film more than anything else.

Apparently she takes off her clothes on camera without a body double. I really doubt you'll see anything more, but that's the story.

I wonder if this is really missing the point of the short and if the people behind it, Natalie Portman included, would rather people watched it for cinematic reasons. I'm sure Wes Anderson doesn't mind as long as people watch it!

Whichever you can see Hotel Chevalier by downloading it from iTunes through the official site, found through Cinematical.



I want to see this because of Wes Anderson, but Natalie will help... the iTunes link only works for the American store...


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