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Near Dark remake gains Director

NearDark_Poster.jpgA Director has been assigned to the remake of Near Dark, and along with the writer, it seems that there's not a lot of effort being put into the remake.

Near Dark was co-written by Eric Red and Kathryn Bigelow who also directed, both talents were pretty early on in their careers and both went onto bigger and better films. However they made Near Dark a superb vision of vampires in real life, and it holds up well to this day.

It tells the story of a man who is bitten and turned by a vampire and is brought into the small nomadic group who try to survive in the modern world. With the realistic writing and directing it brings the vampiric legend to our real life.

Adrian Pasdar, Lance Henriksen and Bill Paxton starred in the film which has become a cult classic. Now the remake will be written by Matt Venne and directed by Samuel Bayer, according to Bloody Disgusting.

Samuel Bayer has directed music videos for various bands such as Metallica and Green Day, and Matt Venne has written a Masters of Horror episode as well as White Noise 2: The Light.

Are we likely to see another poor attempt at a remake of a cult classic, or is this one going to show us that Venne and Bayer have bags of talent and potential ahead of them and the studio allow them to put it on screen? Can it come close to the original? If they can capture the originality in bringing a supernatural story to the real world, then perhaps they could.



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