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New Mother of Tears trailer

DarioArgento.jpgThere's a new Mother of Tears, or La Terza Madre, trailer for the latest horror film from Dario Argenta online, and this one certainly should come with a warning of horror and gruesomeness. Thankfully it's also in English so we get a little more of the plot and characters.

Still there's not that much to go on as it keeps its cards pretty close to its chest. The film stars Asia Argento and Udo Kier alongside a list of beautiful and talented actors and actresses in the third part of his Three Mothers trilogy.

The film is about the most powerful witch in the world whose power is unleashed after an American art student unwittingly opens an urn that is holding her. Before long suicides spread across the city and witches begin congregating from all around the globe to get ready for the end of the world. Meanwhile Sarah, the art student that began it all, must use her psychic powers to stop the witch before it is too late.

Dario Argento is somewhat of a horror legend, and his return with La Terza Madre is much anticipated, but so far I'm not so sure about the trailers which show a little plot and a lot of gruesome scenes.

You can see the previous teaser trailer on Filmstalker, and the new trailer over the page.

Get More Mother of Tears Trailers at TerrorFeed.com

The trailer comes through HorrorMovies.ca and you can also watch it directly from Myriad Pictures [WMV], thanks to st39.6 from Movie-List Forums.



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