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New Postal trailer

UweBoll.jpgThere's a new Postal trailer online from Uwe Boll, and it looks a lot more acceptable and appealing then the rest, at least this is showing clips only of generally acceptable evil groups having the fun made of them, but the end of it does promise that it will offend.

I still can't believe that no one took offence to the Postal 9/11 clip that was released just a day before the anniversary of September 11th. I thought it was pretty offensive in the timing and thought it would cause quite a bit of controversy, as the makers probably did too. Perhaps that will be reserved for release day.

You can see the Postal trailer online over at MoviesOnline [Flash:Embed].

While this trailer does present a bit more of a story and a bit more of an acceptable face to the comedy, I know there's going to be a lot I don't agree with and going by past Uwe Boll knowledge it might not be that hot anyway.

Then again, it might just mark a turnaround for the Director...Mmmm...



No one took offense? Where? On this site? In the U.S. anyone online who'd seen the trailer lambasted it. It just didn't get wide release/attention.


Wow, now there's a cutting comment if ever I heard one.

Vic, read the post next time. That comment is not about the trailer at all, it's about the three minute clip that was released that shows the Twin Tower attack comedy sketch in its entirety.

I posted that clip on the 10th, and only two other film sites picked up on it and there were hardly any comments made about it.


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