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Nicolas Cage as Magnum P.I.?

NicolasCage.jpgNicolas Cage I used to think was a good actor, a great on screen personality. Then something happened, or rather nothing did, and he just kept playing the same character and his film choices became poorer and poorer. Now he's being linked with the Magnum P.I. film role, and my heart sank.

Apparently he's in negotiations for the role of Magnum P.I., a film that has had a chequered history. With Tom Selleck not returning after defining and owning that role in the TV series, and the script touted to be a comic parody, there's little hope of anything good coming of this. Add to that the fact that there has been actor after actor rumoured with this and you should take a sachet of salt to this story.

The rumour is that Nicolas Cage is in negotiations for the role and is impressed with the script, a script that marries crime investigation with comedy as did the original show. However the original show didn't have Nicolas Cage playing Nicolas Cage on screen.

Bang International have the rumour through Cinema Blend, and it's one that I'm really inclined not to believe, or want to rather.

Charlies Angels, Starsky and Hutch, Magnum P.I., CHiPs, what next? Cagney and Lacey? Oooh, how about a Sledge Hammer film? Come on Hollywood, there's loads left to plunder yet. Follow that videogame model and rip the heart out of everything that has cheap rights available.



I'd pay to see a Sledge Hammer film.

Yeah! A fellow Sledge Hammer fan. I loved that show.

Even though I have no interest in this movie I would like to see it done with some justice. If Nicolas Cage does obtain the role of Magnum it'll be sure to join the list of failed TV shows that have been made into movies.
I'm a fan of Nicolas Cage, but he is not right for this role. Something tells me he loved the show and sees this as a chance to fill an inner boy fantasy to play Magnum on screen.

Why even bother? Not that I ever watched it but let's face it Magnum PI was all about Tom Selleck and his appeal to the female audience.

Now (as a straight male) I could be wrong but I would not think that Cage has the same kind of appeal.


LOL I love the bit where you said as a straight male, now that's all I can think about, forget about Cage! HAHAHA

I thought you would like that Simone! :-)

Seriously though Tom Selleck and Nicholas Cage are very different aren't they?


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