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Nine minutes of Whisper online

JoshHolloway.jpgThere's nine minutes of the horror film Whisper starring Josh Holloway online, and it isn't looking that bad really.

I say that because the film has been so delayed that it seems it might be due to it not being that good a film, however the nine minutes do suggest that there's something there.

The story is about a couple who are down on their luck and desperate for cash, they hatch a plan to kidnap a boy and hold him to ransom. Unfortunately the boy seems to have other plans, and the merest of whispers set him apart from others. Soon it's the kidnappers who are concerned for their lives.

I previously posted the trailer for Whispers which you can see in this other story. I wonder though, is Josh Holloway just too Lost here for the sake of the film?

Okay, Whisper is all omen-esque, but it's not badly done. What do you think? You can see for yourself with the footage over at TerrorFeed [Flash] through HorrorMovies.ca.



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