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Norton joins Pitt on State of Play

EdNorton.jpgEdward Norton is joining Brad Pitt on the U.S. version of the British series State of Play which is to be directed by Kevin Macdonald and written by Matthew Michael Carnahan.

We already knew the news about Brad Pitt, and the teaming up with Norton sounds a superb combination again, although this time Norton's character will be much stronger and the twist of that film won't be showing up here at all!

Matthew Michael Carnahan. has written the U.S. adaptation of State of Play, having already written a number of intriguing political thrillers, The Kingdom being the first due out. Kevin Macdonald directed the superb The Last King of Scotland (Filmstalker review), so combine that with Carnahan and I think we have a strong adaptation.

The original was a very successful British TV miniseries starring David Morrissey as a politician who is involved in a murder conspiracy uncovered by his former campaign manager now turned journalist. It was a very strong political thriller that carried some excellent performances.

I think this could be well suited to the pair, who are really strong actors and when given meaty roles can really rise to the challenge. I do think that Edward Norton is the stronger of the two, but Brad Pitt has shown that he's not just a pretty face and a Hollywood entertainment actor.

The story comes from Variety.



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