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Oldboy on Blu-ray

Oldboy.jpgThe specifications for Oldboy on Blu-ray are superb, and rather interesting at the same time. Forget your format war for the moment, that war that concentrates on the technical internals of programming and other such dull and non-consumer interested facts, look at the specifications for the Oldboy (Filmstalker review) release from Tartan films and tell me you're not tempted (as long as you like Oldboy of course!).

I'll save the specifications for over the page, and they are rather strong, featuring three separate commentaries, deleted scenes, the music score, and some additional extras. Of course the film will be in Blu-ray format as well.

Director Commentary (Blu-ray quality)
Director and Cast Commentary (Blu-ray quality)
Director and Cinematographer Commentary (Blu-ray quality)
Deleted Scenes (Standard Definition) with optional Commentary
Original Trailer (Standard Definition)
Making the Film - The Cast Remembers
Production Design
The Music Score
CGI Documentary
Cast & Crew Interviews
Featurette: 'Le Grand Prix at Cannes'
Tartan Asia Extreme New Releases

The recommended retail price in the U.S. is $34.98 according to IGN who bring us the specifications. Looks good, and probably something I'll try and get my hands on. Tartan, are you interested in dropping us a review copy? Probably not, this DVD will sell itself.



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