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P. Diddy replacement required

NotoriousBIG.jpgThe upcoming Notorious B.I.G. film is not only performing open casting for B.I.G. himself but now is looking for someone to play the role of P. Diddy and also Faith Evans.

The casting call has gone out looking for both P. Diddy and Faith Evans, and with them comes some interesting insight into the plot of the film.

The casting call comes from Clint-Diddy over at Moviehole:

Diddy is described as “In his 20s, African American, good-looking, charismatic and stylish, he's a cocky, hard-working, ambitious executive at Uptown Records who is blown away by Biggie's skills and tells Biggie to stop dealing drugs or they won't work with him. Fired from his position, Puffy doesn't miss a beat and starts up his own label, Bad Boy Records. After a few rough starts, the label hits it big, bringing fame to Puffy and everyone he touches. Puffy wants to change the world, and we get the feeling he just might succeed.”

Evans is “Seen in her late teens to early 20s, she is a beautiful, talented singer with a background in gospel music and the first female artist to be signed to Puffy's Bad Boy record label. To Biggie's surprise, she also has beat box skills. Faith and Biggie meet at a photo shoot, and get married shortly after, to their friends' astonishment. She deeply loves B.I.G. but his interests lie elsewhere.”

P. Diddy wants to change the world and he might just succeed eh? Wow, that's a big role indeed. So that gives you a little background to some of the story and the characters themselves.



Check out the ad for "Unforgivable Woman". Its HOT!


There's gonna be a live launch tonight, check it out:

Can i get some information on the Faith Evans casting call? I am highly interested in pursuing this role. email me at mwlqtees@mail.com


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