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Paramount to drop Spielberg?

It seems unimaginable that any studio would want to lose Steven Spielberg from their books, and even more so that they wouldn't really care about it, but that seems to be the feeling over at Paramount according to reports.

Paramount Pictures seems to be preparing for Steven Spielberg to leave the studio when his contract expires next year and an executive from the company says that the move is immaterial.

Media rumours have been circulating that Spielberg is unhappy at the studio which bought DreamWorks in 2005 and secured Spielberg and David Geffen from the company until 2008.

Although the company haven't said he is leaving, Viacom Chief Executive has been talking to the investors to allay fears they might have of him going at the end of the year. The quote through Reuters has him saying:

“Steven and his team have the right to leave if they choose at the end of next year...We're planning for that...

...The financial impact to Paramount first and especially to Viacom overall would be completely immaterial in the event somebody shows up to help them (Spielberg and Geffen) start a studio from scratch.”

Wow, I don't know about you but that last section sounds really cutting and quite harsh. It sounds like even if they didn't plan on exiting they might want to start thinking about it now.

Would it be such a big loss if they left? Well the audience really wouldn't mind because I can't see Spielberg not making films either as Producer or Director. He'll start up something new or join someone else and we'll see a lot of great projects to come, perhaps not through the Paramount label.

The question for them though is can they really do without him.



Whatever happened to the Katzenberg of Dreamworks SKG?

Your answer cometh today Simeone...check the news coming today.

Simeone? ;) Typing really fast again are we? :P

That's exactly what it is, there are so many common mistypes I make when going fast, and that's one of them.

Apologies! Hope you don't take offence!

None taken pal. :)

I'll think of it like a pictionary game, "sounds like" Simone.

"The financial impact to Paramount first and especially to Viacom overall would be completely immaterial "

This coming from a company paying 1.5 billion to obtain his talents less than two years ago, doesn't hold much credibillity

This Paramount reaction to me reads like panic. That just in oposite of their words they have pretty big worries about a spielberg loss and what it will do to him.

I would not be susprised at all if Spielberg already told him he's gone the minute his contract expires and this is nothing but a preemptive strike to control the damage.

It's their loss. Spielberg will continue making great movies, just under another label.

Universal is gonna LOVE this. They're gonna welcome Spielberg/DreamWorks back with open arms.

Why are Geffen and katzenberg not speaking up by the way?
Aren't they supposed to be Spielberg's businesspartners/friends? Are they just gonna let this guy speak nonsesnse like this without telling him a piece of their mind?

Or did I miss something?

Cybermouse I think you might be very close to the truth there, it does sound like they are grearing up for the worst case.

Hey rainmaker, one of them is speaking up, hit that link for the newer Filmstalker story.

Thanks Richard.
I was wondering why it was so silent from that end but and was kinda surprised about it. But I missed this one.

Good to hear he spoke out loud and clear and he's absolutely right in his comments.

It would a huge blow to them for sure and I have little doubt it will have a big impact on them. But comments like these are not gonna make chances of him staying/ re-newing his contract any bigger. Not a veru smart move if you ask me (but no one's asking LoL)

I know I would not be very tempted if I just helped them score huge successes and get this as their 'thank you'..

{had to wait in line for the PC to be free to leave a message ;p:}

Hey cybermouse, we're asking! Comment away.

I think it's going to be a while till we hear from Spielberg, he's either going to announce he's leaving on the day, or announce he's staying once a deal is made. Otherwise I can see him being quiet until the last minute.

Thanks :p:
Yeach I guessed we wouldn't hear anything from him, on this matter. At least not for the time being. Probably the best way to react.

Now I know for certain I'll never be famous LoL Because I know for certain I would not be able to control myself if someone threw this rather personal at me. I would hit back, immediately and hard. Probably have a very bad rep. in no time, too : p:

I hear you. I'd be wanting to shout back just the same. I guess though he knows that he's hot property and wherever he goes he'll get amazing projects, plus he'll have plenty of people to talk him out of those moments, unlike us.

Imagine a pissed off Spielberg being held back by a couple of friends as he screams and froths at the mouth...nah, I can't see it myself!

I'm trying to paint the picture; Spielberg ready to charge at the guy and being held back by people like Lucas/Geffen/Katzenberg.... LoL

Not gonna happen,I know, but funny enough to give it some thought LoL

Now that would make for a funny animation on YouTube.


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